What Are We Doing?

I read the headlines again today of Christians around the world being threatened, beaten and murdered. So what are we doing here in the U.S. doing to make sure our government is aware and to make other believers in the “FREE WORLD” aware?

Sadly, the answer is not much.

You see we (and yes I include myself) often fail to RECOGNIZE these Brothers and Sisters as OUR Brothers and Sisters. Instead they are “Those People” that we send money too every so often. They are the residents of third world villages that we “rescue” by putting wells in so they have clean water to drink. They are the people we sponsor so they can have rice and chickens and eggs and eat another day. They remain “THOSE PEOPLE” because they speak a different language, wear different clothes and have different traditions. They are looked down on as less spiritual, less accepted and less worthy by western Christians simply because THEY are not and never will be US.

THAT is WHY if the truth is to be told that we (Western Christians) sleep pretty well at night with very little concern for the concerns of our Brothers and Sisters on the other side of the world or for that matter on the other side of the cities and states we call home.  THAT is WHY we are more easily distracted and concerned with the cost of gas, insurance and how we will rid ourselves of all the “illegals” who are threatening the delicate balance of our life.

We (Western Christians) are selfish, lazy, self serving, self righteous and if it requires more than writing a check it is questionable it will get done.

It is time for US (Western Christians) to repent for allowing our precious faith in Christ to become little more than a political battleground. It is time for us to take our heads out of the sand and acknowledge that our brothers and Sisters are suffering even to the point of being murdered and are in need of our help.


We serve and are property of the one and only LIVING GOD. There is no tomb or sanctuary that can contain our GOD so pray where you are, pray often and pray how our God will show himself mighty in delivering His children and how He would allow us to be part of that work.