More than the single issue of abortion as a follower of Christ we must value all life.

We must value all humanity. No matter the station in life or the nation of their origin those people are beloved by the creator of the universe and each of us and each of them are created in His image. Our ability to recognize or see the similar traits of The Almighty in another human being is not the criteria we can use to determine someone’s worth.

Regardless of if they are gay, straight, black, white, red, yellow or if they speak English or Arabic or Bengali…regardless of if they are beautiful in our site or not…regardless of if their hair is straight, curly or “nappy” all are deeply loved by God.

What are we doing to be the example that Jesus has given us to love one another?

Human Trafficking doesn’t just happen in third world nations. It is a very real problem in the very best neighborhoods of the United States just like it is in the slums of India. The ugliness, the darkness and ability to lust, seek and invent sin is not unique to only those who know nothing of Christ but to those who say with their lips “I follow” and in their hearts and private time sneak away on the internet, side streets or trips to anyplace they are not known.

How is your church combating the epidemic that is human trafficking here in the States and around the world?