Ron Reffet is a regular contributor to Believers Radio and his blog posts are redistributed here with permission.

Gratitude,  thankfulness..these are words that are unfortunately not always on my mind or in my actions. I tend to allow my sinful heart to overshadow any kind of gratefulness that I should express, especially to the One who truly deserves it.
I often wonder if that isn’t why we experience so much disappointment and frustration, because we were made to be thankful creatures,  because we were made to be dependent creatures.
Psalm 50 paints a very vivid picture of this. Opening with a declaration of God in his immensity, He summons the earth. This is not a small God but the God of the entire universe, not only does God’s voice go out to all the earth, the heavens respond in declaring his righteousness.
Here’s where the view changes, God addresses the sacrifices that are being offered to him. In this portion God speaks very clearly that he is indeed not in want or in need of really anything, for he is the owner of it all! And here is where the gratitude comes into clear view. The Lord’s response to all of the sacrifices that have been offered to him is astounding. He addresses the “other gods” who supposedly devours these sacrifices. The true sacrifice that the true God accepts is a sacrifice of thanksgiving.  And here is where the picture gets even clearer and more worshipful. God says that the result of this thankfulness will culminate in his deliverance of his people in the day of trouble. And the end result is in God being glorified, and he will show us the way of salvation.  Which we have been shown through Christ.
As I read Psalm 50, I was encouraged greatly. I was also convicted in regards to my lack of thankfulness. There is so much that we have  been given in the gospel, the most important of these is our salvation, and being delivered from the one thing that we deserve,  which is hell.
Now all that we have and enjoy is all of grace, great and amazing grace and  we will never experience the wrath of a holy and righteous God! That is something that should indeed make us thankful people. May we be thankful for all that we are given no matter where we find ourselves and give honor to the One who owns it all.

Source: Think On These Things