Providential God

Ron Reffet is a regular contributor to Believers Radio and his blog posts are redistributed here with permission.

Joe Thorn’s book Experiencing The Trinity has been on my nightstand, end table and just about wherever I sit to read. It’s full of great gospel centered encouragement, it’s set up much like his earlier book, Note to Self, another one I would highly recommend. In that book, Thorn gives practical ways of preaching the gospel to ourselves. something that I have found revolutionary ever since Jerry Bridges introduced me to that whole concept.

Experiencing The Trinity is written from the perspective of Thorn’s experience with anxiety and depression. I love what it says in the Introduction;

“What I have written here, I have primarily written for and to myself. I needed to hear these words during a desperate period of my life, and though that particular time of affliction has passed, I continue to need them today. I hope that these reflections on the grace of our triune God will encourage those who find themselves battling fear, anxiety, temptation, affliction, and doubt. I am there with you, but more importantly, so is the Lord.”

The book is broken into three sections, God The Father, God The Son, and God The Holy Spirit. Under each of these headings are short sections that are filled with encouragement. The great thing about both of Joe Thorn’s books are, they can be used in a daily devotional setting or just read casually. One of my favorite readings is from the God The Father section, it’s entitled He Provides.

“The Lord is a God of providence. He governs all things and is intimately involved in all that happens in the world. This means that he is “all in” when it comes to the details of your life. There is never a moment of your day when God is inactive. He is there and he is involved. The grace of God abounds to those who have trusted in Jesus Christ, and his providential and spiritual care of you guarantees that all of your needs will be met.
The uncertainties of life, the accompanying worries connected to the what-if’s, can be settled in this great truth: come what may, God will never leave you or forsake you. Rather, he promises to supply you with whatever you need in this life and in the life to come.
I know your mind goes quickly to those believers who have starved to death or who suffered great and unjust affliction. You wonder, “How did God provide for them?” But that question reveals that your understanding of what is needed is far narrower than what God knows is needed and best. He will provide, but you can miss his provision if you’re waiting for him to give only what you are looking for.
To say that God will always provide for you is not to say that he will give you every earthly thing that you desire. It’s not a guarantee that you will receive what you need for a long and comfortable life on earth. It is the guarantee that wherever you are, God remains present; that whatever you go through, God has a sovereign purpose; and that whatever your affliction or difficulty, God will provide you with the grace you need to persevere in faith and find satisfaction in him. God provides what is best, and sometimes what is best is that which you would never choose. Sometimes that which is painful for a time will yield a greater blessing later, even if you must wait for it until after death.”

Source: Think On These Things