Modesty and The American Church

This last week I caught drift of a blog written by Veronica Partridge, a 25 year old, christian, wife and mother who through community, conversation, contemplation and conviction decided that she no longer feels comfortable wearing form fitting yoga pants outside of her own home. I admire her sharing her resolve and how that resolve came about not only on her blog but as a result of the buzz on social media on national TV as well.

In her comments she is neither legalistic nor judgmental of others who do not share the same conviction. Her aim in setting this standard in her life is to honor her marriage, not to be an enticement to others and to teach her child (daughter) what it is to value yourself as God values each of us as more than how attractive or seducing we are.

I live in a college town and the comments and reactions made by young women in our local coffee shop have been wide ranging, interesting and sometimes downright comical.


So where are we with modesty in the church?

Do the decisions of Veronica Partridge put the responsibility of a man’s lust on the shoulders of women?

What other areas of a Christian’s life can be impacted by electing to live modestly beyond how we dress?

Does living in modesty simply make a person religious? More righteous? Neither? Both?

What is the dividing line between religious legalism and faithfulness and does it look the same for everyone?

What do you have to say?

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