Who I am and what I believe


My name is Marty Daniels and I am a Believer.

Jesus is our hope

Here We Are

I professed faith in Christ in 1988 at a concert. After that, I had absolutely no idea what to do.

The next Sunday my wife and I visited a growing church about 10 minutes from our apartment. When we did we felt an immediate embrace and connection with the people. Over the next decade, we forged what we thought were lifelong relationships.

Early on we devoted time to Bible study, prayer and fellowship with a group of 5-10 other young couples. As the congregation grew each of us involved ourselves in various ministries in the church. My wife and I gravitated to working with the teens. We thrived in that role and thought eventually professional ministry would be our future.

This is where I ask questions, share revelations and wrestle with life and faith in America.

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Podcast and Articles

In a day and age when most Christian media has more to do with politics than Jesus Christ, Believers Radio attempts to share the hope, love and joy found in the words of the Bible.