Welcome to Believers Radio

So glad you’re here!

Believers Radio is on a mission!  Believers Radio wants you to know that the creator of the universe, the one who put all things in motion from darkness and breathed life into the first man and woman knows YOU and LOVES YOU!

To accomplish this, we will use a blend many styles and genres of music that artfully contemplate God and/or testify to his reality. You’ll hear modern and classic rock, world music, electronica, even a bit of classical and jazz. What you won’t hear are commercials. When we launch our stream we will be listener supported.

Our heart is that no matter what your station in life and no matter your age you will hear something that will reveal to you the LOVE, GRACE, MAJESTY and MERCY of Jesus Christ.

Believers Radio is NOT just another CHRISTIAN site and we are not unique in our burden to share our faith with the hope that others will be drawn to Christ.  There are so many individuals and organizations around the world that are living as the hands and feet to impact people in practical ways through teaching, service and deed.

How will we work with these organizations?

We pledge to

  • Share their stories.
  • Provide links to giving opportunities.
  • Share through our stream, podcasts, posts and social media outlets.

So this is where we start with a heart and the hope of honoring God.